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Merlin’s Results 2011

4th December – BEARDED COLLIE CLUB – Judge : Mrs Janet Steele

1st Graduate Dog

Karmeliann Stargazer JW. Blue with a good eye colour and pigment and  proportions, needs time to mature.


30th November  – West Country Dog Club – Judge : Mr Ian Ibbotson & BIS Mrs J Kitchener

1st Open, Bob, Group 1 & RBIS

Reserve Best in  Show was Carter’s  Bearded Collie  Karmeliann Stargazer JW, a well bodied male in superb bloom and who pleased  with excellent body construction and balance. Sound up and back and really  covered the ground effortlessly in profile.- Mrs J Kitchener BIS Judge.


19th November – Plymouth & District CA – Judge : Joan Fryer-Clark

1st Open & BOB

Carter’s Karmeliann Stargazer JW (D) Blue well mature dog, very  alert, nicely headed of good  proportions of equal lengths, skull  broad, flat and square. strong muzzle good scissor bite and good teeth, gentle  eye, nice length of ears, nice arch of neck, well laid back shoulders, straight  legs good bone,arched oval feet.Deep chest, nice length of rib giving him a  good length of back, strong in the loin. Level topline and firm. Super muscled  thighs well bent stifles which gave him super drive covering the ring with ease,  in profile a loveley picture. Tirned out and handled well, deserved BOB


7th August – MIDSHIRES BCC – Judge : Lesley Tomlinson

2nd Post Grad Dog

Carters Karmeliann Stargazer JW. Another blue boy, slightly smaller all round but that is not a criticism. Lovely head and eye colour, liked his front assembly, good length of back although he tended to look short when on the stance but lengthened on the move. Good ribcage, nicely made rear. Moved with easy strides.


24th July – Dorset County CS – Judge: Carol Turner

1st Post Grad, BOB & Group 4

Carter’s Karmeliann Stargazer JW: Skull broad, flat and square, blue eyes, scissor bite, moderate length of neck flowing into a level topline, legs straight with good bone, hindquarters well muscled, well bent stifles, feet oval and well padded, low tail set, covered the ground well with a minimum of effort. BOB.


1st June – Taunton & District CS – Judge : Mr Fred Gadd

1st open & BOB


26th June – BLACKPOoL – Judge : Mrs Ferelith Somerfield

VHC Posst Grad Dog


15th May – NEBCOL – Judge: Miss Anne Wilding

2nd Graduate Dog

Carter’s Karmelian Stargazer JW. This 22 month old blue boy is a different type having a lighter frame, balanced angulation, gorgeous head and expressive grey eyes, quality coat coming in, nice and light on his feet, not the maturity of 1st.


23rd April – Bodmin – Judge : Mr Tan Nagretcha

1st open, BOB & Group 1


25th April – EBCA – Judge : Mrs Janet Wood

2nd Graduate Dog

Carters’, Karmeliann Stargazer JW. Very close between these boys, this blue boy had lovely head and expression, nice shoulders, a little longer in loin than first, very nice rear angulation, free moving but a little unsettled today.


16th April – W & P B of WALES – Judge : Mr Mark James

4th Post Grad Dog


11th March – CRUFTS – Judge : Mr Willie O’Brien

1st Under Graduate Dog

Balanced well constructed dog with good head, eyes and expression. Correct harsh coat but not quite finished at the moment. Excellent mover and shown well.


5th February – SCBCC – Judge : Mrs Justine Waldron-Gray

2nd Yearling Dog

Carter’s Karmeliann Stargazer JW. Blue boy with lovely head and expression, eye colour toning with coat. Good quality coat coming through. Good front assembly. Would just like to see a little more length of back.  Moved well.


22nd January – Exeter & County CS – Judge : Mrs Reyna Knight

1st Post Grad, BOB & Group 3

Carter’s Karmeliann Stargazer JW.  BOB  Group 3. Well constructed throughout. Good strong muzzle with strong jaw. Shoulders sloping well back with  well sprung ribs. Good muscle tone. Beautiful coat. Effortless gait. A young dog with potential.