About Us

The Karmeliann story started in 2002 when my life changed suddenly following a riding accident, I found myself at home and miserable. I had always wanted a dog but my work as a nurse had made that impossible, but now things were different so I searched the internet for one of those shaggy dogs I had always liked and found they were Bearded Collies, and so it began…..

Along with my partner at the time, I found a small kennel in Cornwall with a litter of puppies and soon after that Jack (Trevorry Hickory Dickory) came to live with us. He was a bundle of fun and he made a very difficult time in my life much easier.

At the end of 2003 we decided another puppy would be a great idea as a companion for Jack, little did we know where that would lead!

After a bit of a search we were directed to Gill Burfitt of Breaksea Beardies in North Wales, she had a puppy available at the time but she really wanted him to go to a show home. She asked how we felt about the possibility of showing him and after some discussion we decided to give it a go with Gill’s help and support. And so, a very long drive later, Arty (Ir Ch Breaksea Allegro JW ShCM) came to join our family.

What we hadn’t realised at the time was how unusual it was to find a fawn Beardie in the show ring in the UK and maybe our naivety was the making of our success?

Arty was a born showman, he loved going to shows from the very first time and so began my steep learning curve of everything Beardie and this strange new world of dog shows.

Under Gill’s guidance we had many successes and then in March 2005 we went to our first Crufts where much to our surprise and delight Arty won a big junior dog class! I think this was the moment the bug truly took hold.

After this we decided to start the Karmeliann affix and went back to Gill and Alan for a bitch to mate with Arty. So Macy (Breaksea Paint It Black For Karmeliann) joined the gang in 2006 and was followed by Heidi (Breaksea Andromeda For Karmeliann), one of Arty’s daughters at the beginning of 2008. Heidi has since moved on to a new life in Norfolk with a lovely retired couple and is having a ball.

2009 saw our first home bred litter from Macy to Arty and from this I kept Merlin (Karmeliann Stargazer JW ShCM) my little blue man who so far has followed in his father’s footsteps, also winning his class at his first Crufts in 2011 and gaining his Junior Warrant and Show Certificate of Merit. Merlin is now a veteran himself and still attends the occasional show. He has sired several litters and is father to some wonderful Beardies.

In 2010 I made the decision to split from my partner and therefore splitting the dogs between us. So Arty, Heidi and Merlin became the foundation of the Karmeliann kennel and were joined by Kira (Balidorn Crazy Love For Karmeliann) in January 2011.

Kia & Merlin had their first litter in July 2013 and from that I kept Lily (Karmeliann Lilyfire). Kira has had two more litters one to Dexter (Breaksea Captain Scarlett) and another to Merlin in April 2017. 

I now live in a bungalow in West Somerset, about 9 miles west of Bridgwater,  where there is lots of beautiful countryside for the dogs to run and play in.

The end of 2017 saw Arty make his final trot over the Rainbow Bridge at age 14 and this left a huge hole in my heart.

2018 sees the start of a new era with the arrival of Stanley (Victory Wind’s Orange Mecanique For Karmeliann) imported from France. Another Fawn boy to step into Arty’s footsteps. He will begin his show career in September.

2018 also saw the arrival of Lil’s first litter, 5 beautiful black and white babies.